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AOR 2021 Legislative Update

8 Feb 2021

The 2021 Legislative Session is one of the busiest in recent memory. There are several pieces of legislation that AOR's Legislative Committee has already made recommendations on to the AOR Board. As of today, here is the list of bills that AOR will support or oppose. This is only a partial list of proposed legislation that impact our industry this session. The AOR Legislative Committee will continue to monitor other bills and provide additional recommendations as those bills make their way through committees througout the session.


AOR New Member Spotlight: Meet Lily Todd

21 Sep 2020

What is your name? Lily Todd Lily Todd

Where do you work and what do you do? Currently an unemployed teacher

Tell us how you embrace recycling/sustainability into your home or workplace? I am a Master Recycler so I embrace it everywhere... I have created programs at schools and most recently work with Gimre's Shoes to help where I can with sustainability.


11 Sep 2020

It is with a heavy heart that I write today to tell you that AOR has made the decision to delay the start of our conference by 2 weeks due to the overwhelming and devastating impacts the current wildfires are having across our beautiful state.

Many of our members and their employees have lost their homes and businesses, and several of our Board members have also been impacted by the recent fire events. In light of this, the virtual conference will now begin on September 29th with the sessions as scheduled.

What this means for you:

Welcome New AOR Member Paul Scott

23 Aug 2020

What is your name? 

Paul ScottNew Member

Where do you work and what do you do? 

Retired. I worked in the recycling business in Eugene, OR from 1976-1986. After that, I worked in the visual effects industry for 20 years, and then transitioned into electric vehicles and solar energy. I write and speak about both even though I am long retired.