Welcome New AOR Member Anthony Pearia

10 Nov 2022

Anthony PeariaWhat is your name? Anthony Pearia 

Where do you work and what do you do? I'm a self employed Machinist. I run CNC machines making small scale runs of parts for a variety of clients. In Metals, Wood, and Plastic.

Tell us how you embrace recycling/sustainability into your home or workplace?  At the end of each operation when the material is about to change and clean the machine that said material all the scrap the the chips any other scrap and it goes in a labeled barrel. Is important as separated for actually being reclaimed and used eventually. What are my goals is to someday to be able to melt down aluminum copper and brass on site and turn it back into bar stock of specific sizes to save energy and metal. I hope to in the future acquire and set up this correct equipment to turn waste plastic into 3D printer filament and to use waste plastic in injection molding.

What motivates you to recycle and live sustainably? The earth is dying. Well recycling may not have a direct effect on global warming I believe that if we survive global warming which can only be achieved through immediate and direct action. That the next existential threat that we will face is from waste! Items that are single use but also items not designed to last as long as possible and to be as utilitarian as is necessary for a situation we should have been building cars in the '50s that would last a thousand years we had the equipment to do it we had everything to do it we didn't do it because a capitalism....... The Soviet Union built snow cats tanks effectively for driving across the snow that we're deployed in Antarctica in 1956 and they are still in use today the factories that produce them are still shipping spare parts to Antarctica to fix them It is totally possible and within the realm of what we can achieve or could have achieved with technology 70 years ago we need to achieve it now we should be buying the last car the last house the less whatever that you're descent group will buy unless they need another one these should be things that last so long that you're giving them to your kids your grandkids your grandkids grandkids we use so much energy to produce these items that if they can't last that long then maybe they're not worth producing

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why? It was said I was a panda. But now that I'm free from my allegiance to my kind I think I'll be a Beaver yelling go huskies.

How did you learn about AOR? Oh you can think the bottle drop for that one. That deposit pesky pesky pesky. I don't even drink anything that has a deposit It just ends up at my house I don't know how.