Recycling 101 Marketing Toolkit

In 2017, with support from Recycling Advocates, AOR received a Materials Management Grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to develop marketing materials for the Recycling 101 course.

There are several promotional pieces available for download and distribution. In order to track campaign reach, we ask that if you utilize these materials that you notify us, or add us to your distribution list, so we can gain a sense of where and how these materials have been used. 


These templates are designed for use in community/college newspapers, municipal newsletters, hauler inserts, or any type of printed publication. 


These are print-ready, double-sided postcards for distribution at events, or mailing-insert.

"Community Involvement" Postcard


"Global Impact" Postcard


"Economic Benefits" Postcard



The print ads are visually identical to the postcard fronts, but size (6.78 x 4.125) and resolution are optimized for print use, like newsletters/newspapers.

"Community Involvement" Print Ad 

"Global Impact" Print Ad

"Economic Benefits" Print Ad


The digital ads are visually identical to the postcard fronts, but size (300x250) and resolution are optimized for use on websites.