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AOR is a nonprofit 501(C)(6) trade association founded in 1977, committed to achieving a system of sustainable materials management by supporting high-quality recycling and composting, thoughtful consumption, and producer responsibility. AOR provides value to its members by hosting educational events, delivering publications to enhance our understanding and connections to diverse perspectives, and lobbying for legislation that supports sustainable materials management.

Our membership spans the gamut of the sustainable materials management industry. Nonprofits; waste haulers; recyclers; reuse organizations, state, federal, and local government; packaging producers, recycling equipment manufacturers, educational institutions and many others come together under the AOR umbrella to achieve these goals. 

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The effort to understand government and service provider needs to support recycling system expansion is well underway. The timeline for responding to the survey has been extended to July 26, 2024 and consultations will...


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Angela Goebel

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I have been working as a sustainability consultant for the past few years helping startups and corporations build out their...


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Biodegradable Products Institute

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We're North America's leading organization for compostability,...