Sustainable Oregon 2022 Speakers

Sustainable Oregon 2022

Keynote Speaker

Rhodes Perry

Rhodes Perry | Founding CEO, Rhodes Perry Consulting

Rhodes Perry, MPA (he/him) is a bestselling author, sought-after keynoter, and award-winning social entrepreneur. Nationally recognized as an equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) thought leader, he has 20 years of leadership experience, having worked at the White House, the Department of Justice, and PFLAG National. Media outlets like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and the Associated Press have featured his powerful work. He serves as the Founding CEO of Rhodes Perry Consulting, a global leadership and management consultancy helping inclusive leaders, visionaries, and change makers build psychological safety, trust, and belonging at work.

Rhodes’ team partners with leading brands, including Genentech, PNC Bank, and the Kellogg Company®; government agencies like the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and the U.S. Department of the Interior; and larger nonprofit organizations, including the American Red Cross, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Center for the Study of Social Policy, to advance their EDI goals. Together with each partner, his firm co-creates transformative change management solutions, building belonging cultures centering those least likely to feel a strong sense of psychological safety and trust on the job. The firm specializes in executive coaching, leadership development, EDI capacity building, and strategic planning solutions. 

Rhodes also serves as the creator and host of the annual Belonging at Work Summit, a virtual EDI conference empowering inclusive leaders to build community, gain new skills, and commit to building healthier workplace cultures. Rhodes earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Public Administration from New York University. He currently serves on the National LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce’s Transgender Inclusion Task Force, on Notre Dame’s Alumni Rainbow Community Board, and on the Cascade AIDS Project’s Board of Directors.

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Session Speakers

David Allaway

David Allaway | Senior Policy Analyst, Oregon DEQ

David has worked at the intersection of waste, materials, and environment for over 30 years. In the 1990s David worked extensively on recycling, then shifted focus to waste prevention and broader sustainable materials management. He refocused on recycling in 2019 and 2020 as co-chair of Oregon’s Recycling Steering Committee, then helped to develop SB 582, the 2021 Recycling Modernization Act. He is currently working on several projects to implement portions of the new law

Alondra Flores Aviña

Alondra Flores Aviña | Environmental Promoter Program Manager, Trash for Peace

Alondra was born in San Quintin, Baja California. At the age of five, she came to the United States with her family and now resides in Southeast Portland. She earned her Associate of general studies from Portland Community College and her Bachelors in community development with a focus on civic leadership from Portland State University. Her passion grew in sustainability, environmental justice, and youth development through her work with Trash for Peace, the Beekeeping and Garden task force, and Community Environmental Services at Portland State University. Alondra believes in the importance of active listening, building connections, and engagement to support communities on their strengths and needs, as they are experts in their communities

Denise Barnes

Denise Barnes | Recycling & Community Outreach Coordinator, Rogue Disposal & Recycling

Denise has worked for Rogue Disposal for 37 years and was instrumental in the development of the Jackson County Recycling Partnership formed to address and comply with County-wide solid waste and recycling issues and mandates, as well as coordinates the Master Recycler Training Program. Denise grew up in a small rural town on the Big Island of Hawaii where conservation, waste prevention, and reuse were a way of life

Quintin Bauer

Quintin Bauer | Waste Operations Manager, City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability

Quintin currently serves as the Waste Operations Manager with the City of Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Prior to his current position, Quintin spent 13 years at SOLVE, a statewide nonprofit organization that engages volunteers in hands-on projects to improve the environment, most recently serving as the Program Director. Prior to joining SOLVE, he spent three years working in the recycling program at the University of Oregon. Quintin received his MPA in nonprofit management at Portland State University and received his BA from the University of Oregon. Quintin has served on the board of Oregon Green Schools and was a past president of the Northwest Oregon Volunteer Administrators Association. 

Elaine Blatt

Elaine Blatt | Senior Policy Analyst, Oregon DEQ

Elaine is a Senior Policy Analyst at Oregon DEQ. Her primary focus is on sustainable consumption and production of materials, and she is currently leading development of DEQ’s second strategy for reducing the impacts of food. She managed market research that formed the basis for development of the award-winning “Bad Apple” campaign ( to encourage Oregonians to reduce wasted food; represents Oregon in the Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment to promote food waste reduction among grocers, food manufacturers, and the hospitality industry; and developed outreach on food waste prevention for food service businesses. Elaine serves as co-chair of the planning committee for Food Waste Prevention Week and has served on national-level committees advising food waste measurement and the development of a potential national food waste prevention campaign. Prior to joining DEQ, Elaine worked on a variety of projects related to sustainable production and consumption, energy efficiency, and supply chain management. She has a MA in Public Policy from the University of Chicago and a BA in Political Science from Carleton College

Kari Bruner

Kami Bruner | Waste Reduction Program Manager, Zero Waste Washington

Kami currently serves as Zero Waste Washington's (ZWW) Waste Reduction Program Manager, and co-leads the Repair Economy project as well as ZWW's Fix-it Fair initiative. She originally hails from Nashville, TN with extended layovers in New Orleans and Los Angeles. Kami cut her teeth in community organizing while still in Nashville, working with multiple environmental organizations and grassroots social justice efforts. She got her BA in religious studies from The University of the South (Sewanee), an MS from Tulane University with a focus on just sustainable community development and disaster resilience, and completed an urban permaculture design certificate in Detroit. She’s interested in systems thinking, organizational capacity-building, and serving as connective tissue between great people and great ideas. When not building the Repair Economy, you’ll likely find her repurposing scavenged treasures, washing her collection of aluminum foil and ziploc bags, or nesting in the woods. 

Maya Buelow

Maya Buelow | Waste Reduction Specialist, Lane County

Maya is a waste reduction specialist for Lane County and lives in Eugene, OR. Maya holds a Master’s of soils and biogeochemistry and her research has investigated carbon stores, salinity, and remediation of petroleum contaminated soil. She has also worked for the State of Oregon as a research analyst with the Department of Environmental Quality, conducting multi-tenant recycling research used to inform policy development. Maya started her work with the County in August of 2021 and is focused on evaluating, recommending, and coordinating waste reduction programs and policy initiatives. She collaborates with diverse public and private partners and manages stakeholder engagement, while also representing the county on local and state committees. Most recently, Maya has been tackling food waste reduction, a priority highlighted in Lane County’s Solid Waste Management Plan. With the help of an Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps Fellow, Maya has been working to create a data set that maps food waste generation by sector across the County. 

Valerie Carey

Valerie Carey | Founder, Sankofa Lumber

As Valerie watched a 25-ton pile of construction wood waste go through an industrial grinder to be sold as boiler fuel, she immediately recognized that much of this material could be diverted to reuse at a commercial scale. Drawing on over 20 years' experience working in residential construction and retailing used building materials, she founded Sankofa Lumber as an innovative closed-loop model for managing large volumes of C&D wood waste based on a highest-and-best-use approach.

Valerie received an MA in international management from SIT and a BA in English lit from Bryn Mawr, and has also worked on projects to advance locally appropriate building technologies in countries and climates ranging from Azerbaijan to Haiti. 


Kathryn Gerber | Metro 

Cheryl Grabham

Cheryl Grabham | Program Manager, Oregon DEQ

Cheryl is a program manager at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)’s headquarters in Portland. She supervises the Materials Management Product Stewardship team, which oversees extended producer responsibility programs for electronics, paint, waste medicines, printed paper and packaging, and mattresses. Cheryl spent several years as the liaison to the governor’s Regional Solutions Team for the Portland Metropolitan area and worked on innovative projects in DEQ’s Water Quality and Materials Management programs, like helping develop the 2050 Vision and Framework for Action. Before coming to DEQ in 2008 she also spent more than 10 years researching wildlife habitat and organizing conservation efforts in Southeast Alaska. In her free time Cheryl watches a lot of soccer matches with her family and helps people of all abilities access and enjoy the outdoors. 

Jordan Henderson

Jordan Henderson | Partner, Merina+Co

Jordan is a partner with Merina+Co and has 10 years of experience in consulting, working with a variety of state and local governments to evaluate and improve all aspects of their operations and programs. He has an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from Oregon State University and leverages his background as a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Project Management Professional (PMP) to provide organizations unique perspectives and expertise in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to assess performance, solve problems, and inform strategic decisions. He has experience with a wide range of operational programs and projects, including solid waste and recycling, fire and emergency medical services, financial services, human resources, parks and recreation, public works, and health and human services. 

Bryce Hesterman

Bryce Hesterman | Senior Consultant, RRS

Bryce is a senior consultant with over 15 years of experience in recycling market development, supply chain research, business operations, project management, research and analysis, and policy design and evaluation. Prior to joining RRS, he co-founded a regional commercial recycling company where he had primary direction over the New York City metro region business operations. Bryce is currently the project lead for the NextCycle Washington circular economy innovation platform and has a key role in the NextCycle Michigan program, while continuing work on recycling market and infrastructure development, supply chain research, and policy issues, such as EPR and recycled content requirements. 

Gabrielle Hobbs

Gabrielle Hobbs | Research Analyst 2, Oregon DEQ

Gabrielle began in materials management at DEQ in April of 2021 as an intern through the Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainable Food Systems at Portland State University. She's been working closely with Elaine Blatt on food systems mapping and foundational research for the second Food Waste Strategic Plan. She is passionate about food justice and food waste reduction. 

Jill Hrycyk

Jill Hrycyk | Program Manager, Metro

Jill has been working in behavior change transformation for 15+ years in various industries including energy efficiency, travel and tourism, healthcare, and most recently in solid waste and recycling. As a project planner and manager, she believes the key to successful implementation is through thoughtful research and diverse stakeholder collaboration with empathy and humility. 

Moji Igun

Moji Igun | Founder, Blue Daisi Consulting

An international keynote speaker and certified TRUE Zero Waste Advisor, Moji founded Blue Daisi Consulting to make it easier for small businesses to practice the world they want to see on a small scale. She combines her professional experiences in engineering, education, and business operations with the deep knowledge she’s gained from her personal sustainability journey to help her clients push past the frustration and overwhelm of getting started. Realizing that many of those frustrations are caused by systemic issues, Moji ensures her clients understand the bigger picture of sustainability. While your potential for impact might seem small at first, you are setting the stage for a significant shift in our culture. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Zero Waste Washington, King County Solid Waste Division’s Re+ Community Panel, and the NextCycle Washington Governance Board. 

Nick Isbister

Nick Isbister | Sustainability Advisor, City of Gresham

Trash was on his mind when Nick moved to the Northwest in 2012. He started showing up to MRFs and calling garbage companies and the rest is history (you'll have to ask him sometime, funny story). Nick has held many trash-related gigs over the years from e-waste to events and now maintains a healthy dose of government with the City of Gresham as their multi-family recycling coordinator and pitch hitter. 


Genevieve Joplin | City of Portland 

Monica Kelly

Monica Kelly | Public Trash and Special Events Coordinator, City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Monica started working at the City of Portland in January of this year, where she addresses trash and litter in the public right of way. This includes responding to public comments and questions, crafting solutions to immediate litter concerns, managing grants with local nonprofits, assisting in the expansion of public trash cans, and preventing illegal dumping through additional public education and disposal opportunities for hard-to-dispose of materials.

Before working at the City of Portland, she worked at the state-wide nonprofit SOLVE for over six years in various roles. She engaged and trained volunteers in community-based litter cleanup and natural area restoration projects across the state. She also developed new initiatives to increase equitable access to volunteerism and a clean and healthy Oregon.

She is currently a graduate student in the Environmental Science and Management program at Portland State University. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Portland. For fun, she enjoys buying books endlessly, bike rides, planting native plants, cooking vegetables, and playing ragtime on the piano. 

Jackie Kirouac-Fram

Jackie Kirouac-Fram | Executive Director, ReBuilding Center

Jackie has more than 15 years of experience helping nonprofits thrive through stakeholder engagement, strategic collaboration, and striving toward justice through equity and inclusion. Since March 2019, she has served as Executive Director at the ReBuilding Center, a Portland climate justice nonprofit that harnesses the power of reuse and repair of reclaimed building materials. Jackie has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Saint Louis University, two kids, a partner, and an outsized love of project management apps. 

Anna Kurnizki

Anna Kurnizki | Executive Director, Community Warehouse

In a sector that turns over staff at alarming rates, Anna Kurnizki’s nonprofit career path is unconventional. She landed an internship at Community Warehouse in 2012, was hired as Development Coordinator in 2013, and has been working at Community Warehouse ever since. As Development Director, she increased the department's budget by 150% and helped create and implement the organization’s first Strategic Plan and Staff Retention Plan. In 2020, Anna led Community Warehouse through the pandemic as Interim Executive Director before assuming the permanent Executive Director role in 2021. Anna excels in nonprofit fundraising, management, strategy, and leadership. She fosters resilience, compassion, transparency, and joy. Her hobbies include singing karaoke, hosting cooking competitions, and playing volleyball with her husband Juan. 

Dan Leif

Dan Leif | Managing Editor, Resource Recycling

Dan is the managing editor of Portland-based Resource Recycling, overseeing content for the company's collection of trade publications and conferences. He has been part of Resource Recycling's editorial team since 2013, and he's worked as a business journalist since 2005. 


Kari McCullough | Walker Garbage 

Christa McDermott

Dr. Christa McDermott | Director, Community Environmental Services, Portland State University

Christa is a social psychologist whose work brings together sustainable materials management policy and our understanding of human behavior. Her research and teaching focuses on reducing food waste, how to re-use materials more, using lifecycle data, and improving social equity and environmental health through waste prevention. She is a Senior Research Associate at Portland State University, Director of PSU's Community Environmental Services, and has served as a science and policy fellow in the federal government. She has a special interest in our relationships with possessions and waste, how we construct identities through consumption practices, and hoarding. 

Sun Mor

Sun Mor | Co-Owner, Frog & Toad Hauling

Sun grew up in Richmond, VA in a big family, and from a young age worked with their dad on his various odd jobs of delivery, events, and janitorial. Since then, while maintaining that connection to the hidden side of consumerism, they traveled around the country quite a bit before coming to Portland in 2013. They've worked in kitchens, on stages, in construction zones, and on the road, all while nurturing their lifelong love of music and storytelling through song and poetry. Sun fell into junk hauling in early 2017 and quickly saw the untapped potential for resource cycling and sharing, so in 2020 they resolved to make their dreams of a reuse web come true. The story of Sun is still unfolding! This year, they are playing music, getting stronger, meeting new people, and continuing to dream. 

Deveron Musgrave

Deveron Musgrave | Waste Prevention Manager, AIC, City of Eugene

Deveron is currently the acting Waste Prevention Program Manager for the City of Eugene, where she started work in 2015 as a program coordinator. Previously, Deveron worked in the nonprofit reuse and recycling sector.

In her roles with the City, Deveron has had the opportunity to lead the award winning Love Food Not Waste program, work with area community partners and educators through the Partners in Education program, celebrate sustainable local businesses as part of the Mayor’s Bold Steps Award Program, and provide technical support for large-scale green event planning through the Sustainable Events program. As part of the Waste Prevention team she developed the City of Eugene’s Water Station Project, which provides water bottle refilling stations for events.

Deveron regularly presents on sustainable topics at conferences and events and previously served as a Whilamut Citizen Planning Committee member and vice-chair and as a past board member of the Eugene Springfield ToolBox Project.

Mike O'Donnell

Mike O'Donnell | Managing Director, Mattress Recycling Council 

Mike has 29 years’ experience managing recycling programs for a variety of product categories including mattresses, household hazardous waste, mercury-containing lights, paint, and electronics. As the Managing Director for the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC), he is responsible for legislatively mandated statewide mattress collection programs in California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and soon-to-be Oregon!

Since launching in 2015, MRC’s programs have recycled over 10 million mattresses. The program has demonstrated success through convenient consumer access, a comprehensive education and outreach strategy, high landfill diversion rates, and a commitment to research to maintain the long-term sustainability of the program. MRC is now focused on advancing product circularity and is facilitating information sharing between mattress manufacturers, component suppliers, and recyclers. As an advocate for industry managed recycling programs, Mike engages stakeholders and coordinates the efforts of staff and contractors to create effective networks of collectors, transporters, and recyclers. 

Ricardo Palazuelos

Ricardo Palazuelos | Bilingual Community Educator, Washington County 

Ricardo serves as a bilingual educator (EN/ES) with Washington County's Health and Human Services Department in its Solid Waste & Recycling division conducting outreach and engagement with an emphasis on frontline communities - those first and worst affected by climate change. He holds advanced degrees in education to serve PK-12 and promote vocational career options for students seeking post-secondary education. 

Kamal Patel

Kamal Patel | Civic Designer, Traversal Design 

Kamal is a civic and visual designer creating systems-based solutions to renewable energy transition, circular economy, and inclusive economic development. Kamal uses collaborative design techniques to create accessible and practical civic engagement models. He currently helps co-lead Traversal Design, a small consultancy specializing in participatory transformation. 

Jocelyn Quarrell

Jocelyn Quarrell | CEO, Bold Reuse 

Jocelyn is the CEO of Bold Reuse (formerly known as GO Box). She specializes in developing strategy and leading the implementation of reuse systems that support society's transition to circular economic models. Jocelyn has over a decade of experience growing asset share systems, first at Zipcar and then at Alta Bicycle Share (now known as Motivate). In her free time, Jocelyn likes to garden, ride bikes, and camp across the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Danny, and dog, Bruno. 

Revel Rapp

Revel Rapp | Co-Owner, Frog & Toad Hauling 

Raised in Bellingham, Washington, Revel has always been a collector, trader, student, and disciple of trash. He worked in the junk removal industry for several years as an opinionated set of biceps before collaboratively starting Frog & Toad Hauling in early 2020. Revel is passionate about recycling in a way that carries the stories and dreams that live in the fibers of our “junk,” and feeding community networks of reuse where they are already planted. In their time outside work, Revel can be found baking, whittling, and collecting seeds along the side of the highway. 

Stephanie Rawson

Stephanie Rawson | Community Stewardship Manager, Metro

Stephanie currently manages Metro’s Community Stewardship Program, which tackles the problem of dumped garbage on public property in the greater Portland area and provides other cleanup services through its workforce transition program that offers job opportunities to people experiencing employment barriers, focusing on those impacted by incarceration. She has 18 years of public sector experience at the state and local level working primarily on garbage and recycling regulation, enforcement, management, disposal, and identifying and reducing barriers to garbage services.

Gretchen Sandau

Gretchen Sandau | Regional Specialist - NWR, Oregon DEQ

Gretchen began her career literally in the garbage by being on a team dedicated to conducting waste audits and she has never left since. Throughout the years since the trash sorting days she has worked a variety of jobs ranging from education, doorstep waste collection, event waste management, and now being apart of the incredible team at DEQ helping modernize Oregon's recycling systems. In her free time Gretchen can be found spending time with her family and friends, petting cats, and being out in her garden.


Joel Schoening | Oregon Environmental Council 

Courtney Seto

Courtney Seto | Senior Consultant, Merina+Co

Courtney has over six years of experience in planning and implementing projects to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness across multiple industries including local government, manufacturing, healthcare, and facilities. Taking a data-driven approach, she has a proven record of identifying opportunities to optimize operations and developing plans for solution implementation. Courtney has a background in industrial & systems engineering and formal training in Lean Six Sigma methodologies that enable her to effectively breakdown complex systems into practical requirements, utilize data to communicate across various audiences, and develop solutions with a user focus. She is skilled at facilitating complex analysis of operational and financial data within engagements such as organizational assessments, business process improvements, feasibility studies, and financial projections.

David Skakel

David Skakel | Climate Solutions Consultant, Condor Consulting

David is a climate solutions consultant and journalist in Oregon focusing on materials management, product stewardship, zero waste, and green energy. He previously coordinated the Tri-County Hazardous Waste & Recycling Program, providing hazardous waste service and materials management guidance to households, businesses, and farmers of Wasco, Sherman, and Hood River counties. David also directed a sustainable living nonprofit in the Columbia Gorge that incubated a local food network, farmers markets, a building materials reuse store, deconstruction services, and a local currency program called River Hours, where they printed their own money (Yippee). He credits his interest in this career track to taking the Master Recycler Composter training in Snohomish County, Washington years ago.

Elizabeth Start

Elizabeth Chin Start | Founder, Start Consulting Group

Elizabeth (she/her) is the founder and principal consultant of Start Consulting Group LLC. Her career has focused on materials management for the last 20 years. This work has spanned local government, the private hauling industry, and as National Executive Director of a wonderful nonprofit, SCRAP Creative Reuse. Elizabeth founded Start Consulting Group to ensure that materials management systems are inclusive, equitable, and just. Through her work, she continues to spotlight the intersections of racial equity, sustainability, and social justice.

Erin Stein

Erin Stein | Operations Supervisor, Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling

Erin joined Washington County in February 2020 after a long career as an account manager in the private sector. As the Solid Waste & Recycling Operations Supervisor, Erin supports the division with administrative, contracting, purchasing, and operational oversight. In 2021, her role expanded to include assisting the Encampment Management Program with sanitary support services and contractor management. Additionally, Erin served on the division's Equity Diversity and Inclusion Work Group until June of 2022. She values making a difference, even if in small incremental ways, to make the community she lives and serves in a better place.

Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan | Policy & Market Development Manager, King County

Adrian works for King County in the Solid Waste Division on recycling and waste prevention issues. He holds a PhD in sustainable design methodologies from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, he has worked for several different companies such as LEGO, Novo Nordisk, and Nokia designing and developing products. He has also helped companies such as Adidas, Michelin, and Steelcase integrate sustainability and circular business models in their organization. Since 2020, Adrian has worked on reuse and recycling policies at the local government level for King County. He is currently the co-chair of the Northwest Product Stewardship Council (NWPSC), a coalition of government agencies in Oregon and Washington that work on developing and improving Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policies and programs. He also manages circular economy grants as part of King County's Re+ Plan and NextCycle Washington Program.

Laura Tokarski

Laura Tokarski | Executive Director, Trash for Peace

Laura is a Peace Corps alumna and native of Portland, Oregon. She holds a BA in anthropology and Spanish from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master’s degree in public administration from Portland State University. She is fluent in Spanish and has over 15 years of experience in sustainable community development. In 2019 Laura was recognized by the Association of Oregon Recyclers as Recycler of the Year. She is also an instructor at Mt. Hood Community College and received a distinguished teaching award in 2016. In her free time she loves to run, read, go on adventures with her family and friends, and explore the outdoors.

Danielle Womble

Danielle Womble | Western Region Recruiter, Waste Connections

Danielle is a Western Region Recruiter with Waste Connections and formerly the Recycle Coordinator & Organics Specialist with Waste Connections of Washington. She began her career with Waste Connections in 2014 and previously worked as an interpretive ranger asst. for Oregon State Parks. She has a Bachelors of Science in Natural resources from Oregon State University, a certificate from Cornell University for Women in Leadership, and is continuing her journey to obtain her Servant Leadership certificate. Danielle has served on conference committees for both the Association of Oregon Recyclers and the Washington State Recycling Association for three years. She currently serves on the AOR Board as the Conference Chair. She is a Master Composter Recycler in Clark County and has completed Oregon State University's Recycling 101 certification. Outside of her professional duties she enjoys gardening, home improvement projects, volleyball, and creating meaningful memories with her friends and family.

Ashley Worobec

Ashley Worobec | Transition Designer, Traversal Design

Ashley is a co-founder of Traversal Design, a consultancy specializing in participatory transformation in Seattle, Washington. As a strategic designer, Ashley is dedicated to facilitating systems change towards just and regenerative futures. She has practiced design for over 15 years: building and leading an in-house creative team, providing sustainable marketing strategy to fortune 500 companies, and practicing transition design with a base of whole systems and futures thinking.