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There are many reasons to join AOR. Your membership supports the most significant voice of recycling advocacy in Oregon and makes you part of a large and resourceful network of people and organizations that work together to forward recycling practices and policies around the state.

All memberships are renewed January1st of each year (invoices sent December 1), regardless of when you join. NEW AOR members pay prorated membership dues. New member dues are as follows:

  • Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar)  100% of the membership fee.
  • Quarter 2 (Apr-Jun) – 75% of the membership fee. 
  • Quarter 3 (Jul-Sept)  50% of the membership fee. 
  • Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec) – 25% of the membership fees. 

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  • Free webinars (4+yearly)
  • Discounts to AOR events (conference, forums, tours)
  • Weekly newsbrief with latest industry & member updates
  • Access to members-only content, including past conference/forum/webinar archives and legislative updates
  • Access to industry job board
  • Access to member directory
  • Opportunity to serve on the AOR Board and Committees

Membership Levels

Individual Memberships

Individual members receive: discounts to AOR events; all email publications and communications; and access to the members-only area of the website.

  • Individual - $90
  • Student (enrolled full-time in any higher education institution - nonvoting) - FREE! CLICK HERE TO JOIN!
  • Senior Citizen (age 62 and older) - $40

Organizational Memberships

All organizational members receive up to four contacts. These contacts receive: discounts to AOR events; all email publications and communications; and access to the members-only area of the website. Organizational members may add additional contacts to their accounts for $30 per contact.

  • Large Organization - $495
    • Governments serving more than than 80,000 households
    • Businesses with more than 25 employees
  • Small Organization - $340
    • Governments serving 80,000 households or fewer
    • Businesses with 25 employees or fewer
  • NonprofitS (including 501c3s, colleges/universities) - $215
  • Additional Contact - $30