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Welcome New AOR Member Frederique Lavios!

12 Aug 2019

Please welcome Frederique to AOR! Read on to learn more about our newest member!

What is your name? Frederique (Fredde) Lavios

Where do you work and what do you do? Looking to make a career change (in the Portland Metro Area) in the field of environmental sustainabilityto serve the greater good. Currently working as a website designer and digital marketer, former licensed architect.

Tell us how you eMbrace recycling/sustainability into your home or workplace?

AOR seeks new legislative committee members

7 Aug 2019

The Association of Oregon Recycler's Legislative Committee is recruiting new members!

The purpose of the committee, is to discuss materials management-related bills, provide feedback and make recommendations to the AOR Board to support, protest or remain neutral on bills introduced to the Oregon Legislature. The committee is comprised of 11 members and includes haulers, governments, consultants, processors/recyclers, businesses and non-profit representatives. There are currently 5 members of the committee with expired terms and we are seeking applications for the following spots:

AOR Board Members Take to the Streets with Fox News to Tackle Recycling Mistakes

2 May 2019


Oregon may have a great reputation for recycling, but that doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right.

Numbers show an average of 25 percent of recycling in the United States is garbage, according to the National Waste & Recycling Association.

In the Portland metro, about 9 percent of what’s in a homeowner’s recycling bin is usually trash, according to Metro.

Meet New AOR Student Member - Laurel Shepard

22 Apr 2019

What's Your Name?
Laurel Shepard

In what University/College are you currently enrolled, or if an Americorps Volunteer, where are you working/volunteering?
Oregon State University

Tell us about your major or current career path:
I'm a double major in ecological engineering and environmental engineering. I'm not sure where my focus lies yet, I just want to focus my career on sustainability and solving some major environmental issue.

AOR Legislative Action Alert and Update

10 Apr 2019

It’s been a busy few weeks in Salem as legislators raced to meet the April 9 deadline for committees to hold work sessions on bills and move them out of committee for floor votes or consideration by joint House-Senate committees such as Ways and Means, Revenue or Rules.

Public hearings and work sessions were held on a number of bills of interest to AOR members. This update includes an action alert on a bill that would negatively impact Oregon’s Bottle Bill and updates on other bills of interest.