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About a quarter of respondents (26%) in a recent survey of 2,000 adults by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) feel recycling is more difficult than assembling IKEA furniture. Another 23% find recycling more complicated than completing a tax return, and 22% find it more complex than the stock market.



Have you ever considered running for the AOR Board? Several positions are up for election, which will be held during the Annual Members Meeting at Sustainable Oregon 2019 on Thursday, June 20, in Bend, Oregon. Specifically, Education Chair, Fundraising Chair, Legislative Chair, Markets Chair, and Treasurer are all up...


It’s been a busy few weeks in Salem as legislators raced to meet the April 9 deadline for committees to hold work sessions on bills and move them out of committee for floor votes or consideration by joint House-Senate committees such as Ways and Means, Revenue or Rules.

Public hearings and work sessions were held on a...


With companies looking to reduce waste promising all packaging to be recyclable or compostable in the coming years, Oregon Composters have united in their efforts to keep Oregon's composting programs "food only". Click here to read why.


Plastic garbage from Trader Joe's and an AARP card are peeking out of hillocks of plastic trash piling up in Indonesia.

It's a sign of a new global quandary: What should wealthy countries do with their plastic waste now that China no longer is buying it?