AOR Legislative Committee

The Association of Oregon Recycler's Legislative Committee is recruiting new members!

The purpose of the committee is to discuss materials management-related bills, provide feedback and make recommendations to the AOR Board to support, protest or remain neutral on bills introduced to the Oregon Legislature. The committee is comprised of 10 members and includes hauler/processors, governments, and multiple representatives from membership sectors including consultants, individuals, community-based organizations, businesses and non-profits. Committee members are required to be AOR members. We are seeking applications to fill the following five positions:

  • Government (2 positions, 2-year term)
  • Hauler/Processor (1 position, 2-year term)
  • Individual/non-profit/consultant/business/etc. Representatives (2 positions, 2-year term)

During the term, committee members are expected to:

  • Attend and fully participate in meetings and/or provide timely feedback via email.
  • Review information provided by the Legislative Chair and other members of the committee.
  • Be knowledgeable about the interests of the AOR membership sector that you represent on the committee to ensure that the perspectives you bring to the committee represent the collective interests and views of that sector.
  • Abide by the discussion ground rules developed by the committee.

To be considered, please submit your application by November 30th and if you have questions, contact Amy Roth.