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The AOR Board would like to thank Gaelen McAllister for her hard work and time dedicated to serving on the AOR Board. We wish her the best of luck in her newest endeavors!

With Gaelen's departure, the Association of Oregon Recyclers is seeking candidates for the recently vacated position of Secretary on the Board. 


DEQ is partnering with The Good Company, a Eugene-based sustainability consulting firm, to host a statewide peer exchange workshop on Oct. 16 addressing consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions. Over 50 local government staff and allies will gather to discuss local climate action planning tools and techniques, with a focus on...


AOR's Education and Membership Chairs are seeking volunteers for their committees!

Education Committee Volunteers

Gregg Hayward, R101's Education Chair is looking for 2 volunteers to help with the following projects:

1. Take Recycling 101 for free! While this person is taking the course, they will create a...


To protect the environment and reduce waste, it’s important to learn how to Recycle Right! To help Oregon residents navigate the murky landscape of what to keep out of the bin, DEQ created a new Recycle Right website that highlights five major recycling contaminants, and offers some helpful tips on...


DEQ has completed a major milestone in its food waste prevention work, and recently published its findings on the Oregon Wasted Food Study. This study tracked wasted food in both urban and rural households—using quantitative and qualitative research methods—to increase our understanding of how much, what, and why food is...