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You put out your recycling every week, but what really happens after its picked up? Is there more you should be doing to increase your positive impact? Now you can become a sustainability insider in the comfort of your home through Recycling 101.

Recycling 101 is an online, self-paced course created in partnership by the Association of Oregon Recyclers and Oregon State University. Designed for everyday recyclers, community leaders and sustainability industry professionals, the course goes beyond what you think you know about recycling.

As you move through eight thought-provoking, interactive modules, you will learn how to shrink your footprint, shop smarter, save money and join others on a more sustainable path. With a Recycling 101 Certificate, you’ll have the tools you need to get your household, workplace and community thinking sustainably.  

Go beyond the basics - What will I learn?

  • Steps in the recycling and materials management process
  • Ideas for reducing, reusing and saving money
  • Composting systems to sustainably manage organic waste
  • How to safely and legally dispose household hazardous waste
  • Resources available to help you go the extra mile
  • How Oregon became a sustainability leader, and how to continue the success!

How to enroll

Sign up for the Recycling 101 Certificate anytime. The course is just $50 ($35 for groups of five or more) and only $20 for AOR members (click here for member discount code).

Want to learn more before enrolling? The first module in the course is available for free! 

You set the pace! The online platform makes it easy for you to become an expert in your spare time. Enrollees have 24 months to complete the course and can start and return to modules as convenient.

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Real people, real impact!

 “After taking the Recycling 101 course,
I have a much deeper understanding of
how and why things are recycled, where
to recycle within my local community and
region, and the knowledge to make better
buying decisions to avoid excess waste.

This course helped me not only at home,
but in my work with clients. As a recycler,
I can share what I have learned to help my
community consider what they can do to
increase their impact.” 

~ Megan Spears, Hood River, OR