Sustainable consumption is about more than "stuff"

12 Dec 2023

As sustainable materials management professionals, we understand the import role consumption plays in reducing impacts on our climate. 
If you've been to an in-person AOR event, you know that we prioritize low-carbon food by offering meals that are vegetarian and vegan forward. Why? Because what we put on our plates is just as important in reducing the effects of climate change as what we put in our shopping carts. 

If you're looking to up your game in reducing your carbon footprint, consider joining the Veganuary Challenge. 100's of organizations and millions of people world wide take part in eating vegan for the month of January. There are a lot of great resources (including recipes, a celebrity cookbook and a guide for workplace participation) available to help you get started and support you throughout the challenge. 

Below are a few stats, just some food for thought: