Circular Economy

The Foundation for Plastic Recycling launches the Buy Recycled campaign

28 Jan 2021

Recycling helps the planet and empowers our communities. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand what happens to their recyclables after they are put in the bin. Even fewer understand the need to purchase recycled products to complete the cycle of recycling.

This new Buy Recycled initiative seeks to change that.  

7 ways the circular economy will grow in 2021

19 Jan 2021

Right now, most of the world’s economy is linear: Materials are mined, processed, manufactured, sold, and then eventually dumped in landfills. But the idea of  a circular economy—one in which materials are used in a closed loop, running on renewable energy—is gaining traction, and many companies are setting goals to become circular in the next few decades. The coming years will be crucial in solidifying the growing circular economy.