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This year’s Keynote Presentation will feature Jordan Figuerido of the @UglyFruitAndVeg Campaign. 

Food waste is viewed  just as "waste" or "scraps" but it can be so much more. Not only is preventing wasted food the right thing to do, businesses can profit while simultaneously providing valuable community benefits. And,...


On April 14th, attendees from all over Oregon descended on Salem to hear about the past, present and future of the state’s 43-year-old beverage container redemption program. Held at the 145-year-old Reed Opera House in downtown Salem, the focus of the forum was to educate attendees both on the history of the program, as well as...


Not much happening in OCC markets, but we saw some improvements in other recyclable commodities and comingle prices this month. 

Main factors include a softening dollar, increased demand for sorted mixed papers in the export markets, and some improvements in plastic grades. 

Not sure if it will last, but good to...


Judy Skinner,long-time AOR member and dedicated recycler, was recently named "Recycler of the Year" at the Mid-Valley Green Awards.

Judy has been a volunteer for Marion County for about 17 years, completed the Master Recycler class and contributed more than 300 hours of volunteer payback hours.

She volunteers on...