New Member Spotlight: TOMRA

14 May 2016

What is the name of your business or organization?      

What does your business/organization do?       
TOMRA creates sensor-based collection and sorting solutions for optimal resource productivity - including Reverse vending machines, optical sorters for recycling and mixed waste programs.

Tell us about your business/organization's recycling/sustainability practices.

Corporate Responsibility Statement

TOMRA’s goal is to create sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity, making sustainability profitable – with increased relevance and meaning. In parallel, we foster a culture that inspires and motivates our people and customers.

TOMRA aims to lead the resource revolution within the business streams of reverse vending, compaction, recycling, mining, and food – enabling better utilization of the world’s natural resources.

How would you describe your work culture?

TOMRA has been involved with the Great Place to Work program since 2009 and also achieved a top ten ranking the last time it carried out an organization-wide employee survey executed by Great Place to Work in 2014. During the past year Great Place to Work Norway reviewed surveys of over 29,800 employees at 186 companies in addition to analyzing the companies’ organizational and management practices to determine this year’s list of best workplaces.

“We invest considerable efforts on ensuring that our employees experience TOMRA as a great workplace with excellent opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment. We are thrilled to have achieved this top-three ranking in Norway and will continue to work on enhancing our results both here and throughout the TOMRA organization worldwide,” says Githa Trapnes, Vice President, TOMRA Group HR.

What motivates your employees to meet your recycling/sustainability goals? 
It is part of our branding today, but has also been part of our culture since the beginning in 1972 - a former tag line was 'Helping the World Recycle'. That has stayed with many of us who work in deposit and curbside recycling markets. For all our segments TOMRA's value becomes apparent when we are able to help our customers reduce their use of resources and preserving the quality of their products. This keeps the issue relevant. Being a public company with stated targets since 2001and having been a FTSEE For Good company means that our investors value this.

If your business or organization was an animal, which one would it be and why?            
I'm sure many in our company would say we are an Ice Bear as a nod to the green innovation and leadership that comes out of Norway.

How did you learn about AOR?                
TOMRA is a member of a few other SROs - I'm sure Jerry Powell may have mentioned it.