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What is the name of your business or organization? Zero Waste McMinnville Foundation 

What does your business/organization do? Zero Waste McMinnville is working to make McMinnville the first city in Oregon to become Zero Waste by...


What is your name? Kimberly Goslin

Where do you work and what do you do? Retired neurologist

Tell us how you embrace recycling/sustainability into your home or workplace? I have always been an avid recycler, but recently I read "Zero Waste Lifestyle" by Amy Korst and felt inspired to get more educated and involved...


Eight AOR members have stepped forward to make a run for the five open positions on the AOR board. Candidates will have an opportunity to address the membership during the annual meeting at the upcoming Sustainable Oregon Conference in Bend, 10/26 - 10/28.

Nominations will also be taken from the floor. All...


What is the name of your business or organization? 
Organically Grown Company, known in the industry as OGC. 

What does your business/organization do? Organically Grown Company is the nation’s only trust-owned wholesale distributor and marketer of fresh organic produce, supporting more than 350 farms, big and small...