Education and Outreach

AOR Receives a Metro Investment and Innovation Grant to Transcreate our Recycling 101 online course.

16 Aug 2023
The grant will allow us to transcreate our online course, Recycling 101, into Spanish and offer the course for free to Spanish-speaking communities throughout Oregon. Recycling 101 is a self-guided 8-part online course hosted online by Oregon State University that includes comprehensive information about sustainable materials management.

Carton Council Announces Grants for Community Recycling Education That Includes Cartons

13 Feb 2023

Caron CouncilThe Carton Council recently announced their 2023 Community Education Award program to incentivize and improve recycling education in communities across the U.S. Any entity which is responsible for educating its residents about their local recycling program is eligible if food and beverage cartons are included in their program.

Environmental Impacts of Virtual Conference Promotional Products (aka SWAG)

26 Apr 2022

Submitted by Jonathan M. Rivin, Oregon DEQ

If you’ve ever attended a conference, you’ll know that promotional items (e.g., wearables, souvenirs, etc.) , sometimes branded, are ubiquitous. The intent of these freebies – colloquially termed SWAG (Stuff We All Get) – is to recognize sponsoring organizations and enhance attendee experience. Often, conference attendees are given a “gift bag” containing SWAG. While common for in-person gatherings, virtual conferences did not necessarily put a halt to this practice.


19 Jan 2022

ClearStream would like to help re-boot Recycling in 2022. Many of our members have enjoyed successful recycling with ClearStream products at their public space events (some for two decades). Recycling is here to stay and people are eager to come back to events! 

Now is the time to take advantage of your Purchasing Power before 2022 Product Price Increases! The driving forces behind the increases is our cost for raw materials, manufacturing and shipping. Now is the time to take advantage of your purchasing power!