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WestRock to Permanently Close Newberg Mill

29 Jan 2016

The Newberg Graphic reports that the former SP Fiber Tech mill, which was purchased by WestRock Co. and idled indefinitely last year, is now permanently closed.

210 mill employees were laid off in mid-November, and the last 15-20 employees who have been burning up the remainder of the hog fuel in the boiler and preparing for the facility shut down have been let go as well.


Oregon stakeholder meetings on EPR for HHW

12 Jan 2016

Oregon stakeholder meetings on EPR for HHW
In 2015, Metro, the regional government in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, drafted a statewide concept bill under which manufacturers selling designated products such as pesticides, solvents, and flammable liquids into the state would be responsible for providing stewardship programs for the collection and proper management of waste from those products.

Oregon DEQ Releases 2014 Oregon Material Recovery and Waste Generation Rates Report

28 Dec 2015

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality released its 23rd annual report on municipal post-consumer (residential and commercial) material recovery and waste generation in Oregon.

DEQ analyzed detailed annual surveys and disposal reports to compute waste recovery amounts for 2014 and estimated energy savings and greenhouse gas benefits from that waste recovery.

Metro’s Scott Klag Receives “2015 Loyal Steward Award” at the 2015 U.S. Product Stewardship Forum

23 Dec 2015

In honor of its 15th anniversary, the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) hosted its 2015 National Forum on December 8-9 in Boston, Massachusetts. Environmental experts from around the United States, Europe, and Canada gathered to discuss issues related to zero waste, product stewardship, and the circular economy.