Commingling at What Cost?

12 Sep 2016

Who knows? Paul Lepinsky may be the canary for a soon bygone era… He operates A& P Recycling in The Dalles, Oregon. Tough veneer. I wouldn’t tussle with him. The truth, Paul is one of those nicest people you ever met. He was hauling beer back in ’72 when the Bottle Bill implemented. Paul’s boss exclaimed at that time: “I ain’t a godanged recycler. I sell beer!

Construction & Demolition Recycling Magazine’s Increasing Diversion Webinar Series Announced

6 Sep 2016

Construction & Demolition Recycling magazine’s Increasing Diversion webinar series is a cost-effective educational alternative that provides insights into the processes that can maximize profitability of C&D debris recycling through various methods to produce high-quality and marketable end products.