Enhancing Community Engagement Using Q-Methodology

14 Jul 2022

In March 2022, Oregon DEQ released the report "Enhancing Community Engagement Using Q-Methodology". The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the use and application of the social science technique Q-Methodology as a means of enhancing the public engagement process. This report describes the results and findings from a set of outreach workshops organized by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality following the 2021 Sustainable Oregon Conference hosted by the Association of Oregon Recyclers. The objective of the workshops was to pilot a structured engagement approach to explore patterns of stakeholder agreement and disagreement regarding the various trade-offs within the vast framework of Sustainable Materials Management. Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) takes a holistic view of environmental impacts across the full life cycle of materials, as well as actions that can be taken to reduce those impacts. The 2050 Vision and Framework for Action describes a desired future where people in Oregon produce and consume materials responsibly – conserving resources, protecting the environment and enhancing well-being. You can read the report and more about the findings here.