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The School of Sustainability alumni chapter is excited to announce that we are coming to you for our first annual Portland mix-and-mingle event!

Whether you are looking for a new job, recently moved to the Northwest, or want to meet alumni in the area, we would like you to join us for an evening of mingling and...








Presented by: Association of Oregon Industries, Northwest Environmental Business Council, Oregon DEQ & Washington Dept. of Ecology

Register now for the region’s conference for environmental, operations & sustainability professionals!



What does it mean to be culturally competent? And how can we as individuals and organizations move beyond competence to cultural fluency? A group of AOR members explored these questions together at a recent AOR workshop led by Maketa Wilborn, an organizational development consultant, facilitator, artist and educator.



When it comes to education, it’s tempting to make the most of every opportunity to address every detail of what, when, where and how to recycle. But honestly, only a few folks would welcome that level of detail. Most would feel overwhelmed. To keep your outreach at the right level of detail, just remember 1 : 5 : 50.



Do you know a person, business or or​ganization that acts, thinks and does green? Then you need to nominate then today! All nominations are due by midnight on January 18, 2016. Winners of each category will be announced at the 2016 Mid-Valley Green Awards on March 12, 2016 at the Salem Convention Center.