Oregon News

Oregon DEQ announces $13.3 million in grants for medium- and heavy-duty zero-emission vehicle charging infrastructure

28 Mar 2023
As part of ongoing efforts to improve air quality and public health, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality today announced $13.3 million in funding for 14 projects helping to establish a network of new and leading-edge zero-emission charging stations.

DEQ Rulemaking — Waste Tire 2022 — DEQ is asking for Public Comment on the Proposed Rules

1 Mar 2023


DEQ proposes the Environmental Quality Commission approve rule amendments to OAR 340 Divisions 64, 93, 96 and 97 of its administrative rules. 

Waste tire rules are currently in Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 340, Division 64. Division 64 was established by the Environmental Quality Commission in 1988 to support waste tire management. The rules have only been modified once since they were first adopted, in 1992, to incorporate a slight modification to the waste tire carrier rules.

Waste-Free Advocates and Bold Reuse Collaborate on a Circular Economy for Groceries

15 Sep 2022

Grocery shopping is getting an upgrade in Portland, OR! 

Starting in January, 2023, it will be possible to buy and use a product, and then drop it off to be sanitized and refilled for a future customer. Instead of consuming energy by recycling and using raw materials to create new packaging, bottles and jars will simply stay in use.