DEQ Seeks Interested PROs for Oregon E-Cycles

29 Nov 2023

DEQ is in the initial stages of reviewing policy needs to implement House Bill 3220 (2023), which will modernize the Oregon E-Cycles program, a statewide electronics recycling program. DEQ anticipates developing administrative rules and guidance for producer responsibility organizations seeking to operate a modernized E-Cycles program under HB 3220.

DEQ invites prospective producer responsibility organizations that are considering submitting a program plan under HB 3220 to contact DEQ to learn about opportunities for engagement in this process.

Opportunities for engagement may include:

  • Helping DEQ understand what guidance producer responsibility organizations would find helpful when developing a producer responsibility program plan; or
  • Being considered for appointment as a member of a 2024 rulemaking advisory committee to provide input on any administrative rules.

Note that DEQ rulemakings are public processes and any member of the public can participate in a rulemaking without being an advisory committee member.

How to Contact DEQ

Please contact for the following reasons:

  • To contact DEQ as a prospective producer responsibility organization, please include the subject line, “Oregon E-Cycles Modernization - Prospective producer responsibility organization.”
  • To be considered as a possible candidate for a rulemaking advisory committee, please indicate your interest by Monday, Dec. 11, 2023. This will assist with DEQ’s planning needs.