ORSOP Survey update – Revised timelines and FAQ update

5 Jul 2024

The effort to understand government and service provider needs to support recycling system expansion is well underway. The timeline for responding to the survey has been extended to July 26, 2024 and consultations will be extended through September 10, 2024. The hope is that each jurisdiction has been able to enter the online survey tool using the email invitation they received from RRS, or have been able to download a printable reference of the survey here.

Based on the inquiries received to date, RRS has created an FAQ that will likely answer many of the questions a local government and/or their service providers might have about the survey.

There is one question that RRS and CAA would like to highlight for the local governments:

Q: For areas that are within the UGB, but outside of the City Limits, which entity should respond to anticipate the future needs of these areas? Should Cities forecast these needs or Counties?

A: Counties and Cities across OR have taken a different approach to addressing these areas. The project team believes a case-by-case approach to capturing the needs of the unincorporated areas of the UGB can continue to be taken. However, there must be close communication between cities and counties to determine which jurisdiction will be reporting for these areas, as well as Special Designated Areas. It is important that duplication and/or total omission of these areas be avoided.

General ORSOP resources can be found, here. Those jurisdictions or service providers with questions or needing help responding to the survey can reach out to RRS at 734-274-9408 or via email at orsop.help@recycle.com.