NWRA responds to proposed EPR legislation

28 Aug 2019

The National Waste and Recycling Association (NWRA) sent a letter to Udall and Lowenthal in response to the legislation by the Aug. 21 deadline. According to NWRA, the association believes the proposals outlined by Udall and Lowenthal will lead to more contamination and that Congress should focus on policy initiatives that would expand the domestic recycling market.

“There are better ways to address the issue of reducing plastic waste pollution than by product stewardship or extended producer responsibility financing schemes,” says Darrell Smith, president and CEO of NWRA.

Oregon Drug Take-Back Bill Becomes Law

14 Aug 2019

Press release from PSI and Oregon DEQ 

Pharmaceutical companies held responsible to collect unused medications

Portland, Oregon -- Oregon joined five states with a new law that requires drug manufacturers to pay for and run a statewide drug take-back program. The law, signed by Governor Kate Brown and championed by Representative Sheri Schouten, will ensure that every community in Oregon has free, convenient access to safe drug disposal. The law takes effect in September 2019 and the program must be operational by July 1, 2021.

British Columbia releases survey on banning, recycling more plastics

28 Jul 2019

The Canadian province of British Columbia released a survey to gain its residents’ opinions on proposed new actions to reduce plastic waste in the province’s waterways, environment and landfills.

According to a news release from the British Columbia government’s website, British Columbians are encouraged to share their opinions on plastic waste and recycling in an online survey. 


It’s Time for Plastic Producers to Take Responsibility

3 May 2019

Our recycling system is in a crisis. Last year, China stopped taking our recycling for processing, setting off a chain reaction of problems for the American recycling system. In New England and across the country, the cost of recycling for towns and cities is skyrocketing, forcing local governments to shift around their budgets, or worse, consider canceling their programs altogether.

Product Stewardship Bills Hit States

25 Feb 2019

Lawmakers in Indiana and Washington are evaluating proposals that would shift end-of-life packaging management responsibilities from municipalities to product producers.

The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI), which promotes extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs nationwide, tied the recent legislative interest directly to current recycling market disruptions.


ICYMI: PSI's Global Best Practices: Packaging EPR's Role in Advancing the Circular Economy - Slides and Recording Available

14 Nov 2018

PSI received many questions from attendees all over the country and globe during the webinar that they were unable to answer  during the live session. Their speakers have kindly replied to the unanswered questions below. 

You can download slides and audio from the live webinar here.

PSI's Safe Drug Disposal Portal Offers Resources for Starting Drug Takeback

5 Nov 2018
The Safe Drug Disposal Portal contains tools to help you start drug take-back programs, advocate for effective drug take-back laws, and educate residents about proper disposal practices. 
Most Americans are aware of the dangers posed by illegal drugs. But what about prescription drugs? And over-the-counter drugs? Not only do these types of medicine play a big role in today's drug abuse epidemic, but their disposal can also contribute to water contamination and can disrupt aquatic life.