Oregonians and OBRC raise more than $125,000 in donated bottles and cans to support Mercy Corps’ Ukraine relief efforts

12 Apr 2022

Oregonians have partnered with the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) to raise more than $125,508 in donated bottles and cans over the last three weeks to support Ukrainians in crisis through Oregon’s Bottle Bill.

A total of $75,508 came from residents donating OR 10-cent bottles and cans, and the rest was matched by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC). The funds will go to Mercy Corps’ relief efforts on the ground in Ukraine. 

“We have been humbled by the overwhelming response from Oregonians,” said Eric Chambers, director of external relations for OBRC. “Oregon’s Bottle Bill is a powerful tool, and thousands of Oregonians just proved that bottles and cans can help ease the suffering of their distant neighbors in Ukraine.”

The fundraiser ran from March 21 to April 10, during which OBRC, operator of the BottleDrop network, invited Oregonians to drop off OR 10-cent redeemable bottles and cans and donate the value to Mercy Corps’ Ukraine Fund. BottleDrop account holders also had the option to make donations directly to Mercy Corps from their BottleDrop accounts. OBRC matched the donations one-to-one from its Emergency Fund, initially offering a match of up to $25,000, but doubling it when they saw the outpouring of generosity from Oregonians. At final tally, between customer donations and OBRC’s Emergency Fund match, over $125,000 went to Mercy Corps’ humanitarian support for Ukrainian refugees.

Read the full press release here.