Minimum Post-Consumer Recycled Content Model Legislation for Plastics - Call for Comments

31 Jan 2022

NEWMOA in conjunction with NERC are seeking feedback and comments on the Minimum Post-consumer Recycled Plastic Content Draft Model Requirements for the Sale of Trash and Carry-out Bags and Food, Beverage, and Household Product Containers. The public comment period for the Draft Model Legislation is open until February 11, 2022, midnight Eastern. Please use this Feedback Form to submit your comments and suggested edits.

The main goals of the Model Legislation are to incentivize markets for recycled plastic, improve the economics of recovering plastic for recycling, and reduce the environmental impact of virgin plastic production.

The Legislation was drafted by a group of state recycling officials from the northeast. The Model is intended as a common starting point in the development of legislation requiring the use of post-consumer recycled plastic in specified products sold in the states.

Contact: Lynn Rubinstein, NERC Executive Director at; Terri Goldberg, NEWMOA Executive Director at