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The hefty winter snowfall has inspired Oregonians to flock to sno-parks in local national forests, but the crowds have left rangers with a big mess to clean up behind them: dumped sleds.

The Oregonian reports more than 100 trashed sleds and 30 to 40 deflated inner tubes were left at the Wanoga Sno-Park the day after New...


Oregon stakeholder meetings on EPR for HHW
In 2015, Metro, the regional government in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area, drafted a statewide concept bill under which manufacturers selling designated products such as pesticides, solvents, and flammable liquids into the state would be responsible for providing...


​This article from the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) press release.


Boston, Mass. - The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) released two reports today that shed light on how the industry-run PaintCare stewardship program benefits retailers, residents, contractors, and local governments. In...


Each year WSRA invites students interested in the recycling industry to apply for scholarships to attend their annual conference as a part of our Student Guest Program.

The scholarships provide an outstanding opportunity for future leaders in the industry to network with our members and industry professionals, expand...


Metro’s elected leaders will decide Tuesday whether to pursue burning the Portland area’s garbage to produce electricity at an incinerator four miles north of Salem.

The regional government’s staff will ask the Metro Council for authority to research the costs and benefits of burning our trash and open formal talks with...