Tackle Contamination Through Behavior Change

7 Sep 2018

If only changing behavior were as easy as raising awareness! We know that behavior can be trickier to achieve than awareness. But let’s start with a simple ask and recognize that effective communication for recycling behavior can tap into psychology, education and marketing insights. That's a lot of insights! Fear not - The Recycling Partnership has the tools to keep your messaging fresh.

Mathy Stanislaus on what it will take to make waste a climate issue

4 Sep 2018

From WasteDive, by Cole Rosengren

Mathy Stanislaus, former assistant administrator of the EPA's Office of Land and Emergency Management under the Obama administration, delivered a complex and thought-provoking keynote talk at WASTECON in Nashville, Tennessee last week. 

Waste Dive spoke to him afterward, the first time since he left the EPA in 2016, to learn more.