New Recycling Opportunities for Residents and Businesses that Share Garbage Collection Service

15 Sep 2018
In response to changes in Oregon’s recycling laws, the opportunity to recycle is being extended to all residents and businesses that share garbage collection service provided by a middle party, such as a multi-tenant property owner or property manager, regardless of the number of tenants sharing service. The change will require cities and counties to ensure tenants and owners receive recycling collection by July 1, 2022. This requirement is for cities with 4,000 or more residents, cities within the Metro Service District and counties that manage programs within those cities’ urban growth boundaries.
DEQ  has conducted extensive research on multi-tenant recycling, and has been working with partners across the state to draft a framework that provides a summary of existing and newly proposed requirements as well as suggestions that will help communities provide the opportunity to recycle for those with shared collection service. The opportunity to comment online is open from Sept. 26 to Nov. 30.
DEQ has organized a series of meetings across the state and is committed to working with local governments, the community and businesses to ensure that those affected have the opportunity to share concerns and provide feedback. All meetings take place from 6-9 p.m., and a recorded meeting will be posted online. Full meeting details, including addresses and how to join remotely are available here.  
Upcoming meetings: 
Wednesday, Sept. 26—Portland
Tuesday, Oct. 9—Grants Pass
Thursday, Nov. 1—La Grande
Wednesday, Nov. 14—Coos Bay 
What’s next? 
Once the framework is finalized, DEQ will work with stakeholders to develop identified supporting tools between 2019 and 2021. Potential rules may be developed in 2019. If rules are developed, DEQ will follow the rulemaking process and gather feedback on potential rules in the future. Stakeholders can sign up for updates and learn more by visiting the project webpage.  
Help spread the word
Linked below are informational posters for each event and a promotional flyer that highlights all four events. Please help DEQ promote these events in your community. If you need these materials in different formats, please reach out to Marie Diodati at or 503-229-5446.
Questions about this new law?  
If you have any questions about these recycling changes, contact Brian Stafki at or 503-229-5492.