Oregon Events

Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting

2021 has been a big year for Recycling Advocates! Join us for our 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting. We will provide updates on the organization and campaigns, our future plans, and time for networking.


  • Organization Updates and Rebranding
  • Introductions and New Board Members
  • Campaign Updates
  • Zero Waste Business Panel
  • How to Volunteer or Join the Board
  • Networking

All are welcome and registration is free!

ResourceFULL USE Final Breakfast

Reduce waste and save money--that's  what our ResourceFULL Use program is about. It's not as easy as it may sound but the rewards are even greater than you thought. There's money in garbage! We'll give you tips on productive waste management, plus a look at 15 years of ResourceFULL Use.

And then you get a first peak at a new east Portland industrial eco-district concept. The Center for Sustainable Infrastructure will join us to talk about this exciting new project.