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Launched last spring 2016, Ashland's pilot of placing bottle and can collection baskets downtown, was a program developed by the Ashland Conservation Commission with support and

assistance from City staff.

There are seven collection baskets sponsored and maintained by nearby businesses who monitor their use and...


This month we saw continued improvements in the recovered paper grades as demand again outpaced supply. 

Cardboard led the way domestically, and on the export market.  Mixed and office papers followed cardboard’s lead. 

There is some industry speculation about a softening/correction in September as supply...


​Carestream Health, a manufacturer of medical and dental imaging systems in Rochester, New York, has announced it has reduced energy consumption and enhanced recycling efforts at its facilities in Oregon and Colorado.

Click here to read full article from Recycling Today.


The AOR Board recently completed their annual retreat. We participated in an exercise to understand who we are as an association and how we see ourselves working together over the next year. Here’s a statement that reflects some of the ideas and words that were expressed in that exercise:

The Board of the Association of...


The Association of Oregon Recyclers has been a continuous advocate for Oregon's Bottle Bill. In the 2011 legislative session, AOR worked side by side with many organizations to help modernize the state's redemption law with three goals in mind. 

Reduce consumer confusion and increase Oregon’s recycling rates by including...