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National Sword Impacts on Regional and National Recycling Systems AOR Fall Forum 

What is China’s proposed ban and why is this happening?

In March 2017, China enacted “National Sword 2017,” which imposed severe restrictions (allowing only .3% contamination) on the import of recyclable materials. On July 18, 2017,...


BottleDrop, Oregon’s container deposit and redemption program, is introducing a new program to help non-profits around the state use recycling to raise money this holiday season. Help [us] participate in the program by

Contact Amy or Alex at AOR to get a blue bag tagged with AOR's fundraising tag. Fill the blue bag with...




Opportunity to own a sustainable, bike-based, award- winning, mission-driven, local Portland business. 

GO Box is an innovative service providing reusable takeout containers to food vendors and their customers. With conveniently located drop sites and a free mobile app, GO Box...


The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is working with Portland State University’s Community Environmental Services to conduct a five-part study on wasted food generation in the State of Oregon. The main research objectives for this study are:

Understand the informational, psychological, socio-economic, and...

Portland Repair Finder is dedicated to helping more people fix more things. The site make tools, knowledge, and resources easier to find, and helps tell the stories behind repair work. The founders believe (and so does AOR!) that repairing things is good for the local economy, community and environment, and it is empowering and...