What Chinese import policies mean for all 50 states

14 May 2018

WasteDive provides a great look at how China's recycling import policies are impacting all of us around the U.S.

Waste Dive began tracking this across all 50 states (and the District of Columbia) back in Nov. 2017 with a companion feature story. We sent a short questionnaire to each environmental agency about whether they’d heard concerns, what guidance they were offering, and whether any disposal bans were in place (specifically on material affected by China) that would require waivers in a worst-case scenario. We know that state agencies aren't always involved, disposal ban details vary and the local factors involved are often complex.

Since then, we've continued to update this page with details from our own reporting and elsewhere. We scan the news daily, and try to update this page at least weekly, but can't spot it all. See information that doesn’t reflect your knowledge or would help expand ours? Send an email to waste.dive.editors@industrydive.com.

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