Washington County Introduces Recycle+

1 Sep 2022

As of July 1, nine franchised haulers operating Washington County, eight of which operate in unincorporated Washington County, have started offering Recycle+, a new optional collection service for collection curbside not accepted in standard recycling. Below is a list of materials accepted. Visit the Recycle+ site to sign up and learn more about the program!

Materials accepted in the Recycle+ collection service: 

  • Plastic film/bags (also known as plastic film packaging):  A soft, flexible polyethylene (PE) packaging. Bags must be free of food residue.
    • Produce bags 
    • Plastic bags  
    • Dry cleaning bags  
    • Plastic padded envelopes (no padded manila envelopes) 
    • Plastic overwrap for paper towels, paper plates, napkins, etc.  
  • Clear plastic #1 clamshell containers: One-piece containers hinged on one side and stamped with #1PET or PETE. Containers must be clear and clean of food residue. No black or other color plastic containers. 
    • Fruit containers  
    • Egg cartons 
    • Bakery containers 
    • Take-out containers 
  • Textiles  
    • Clothing 
    • Bed linens 
    • Towels/rags  
      • Textiles are downcycled into wiping cloths and rags. 
      • Tip: Consider donating usable textiles to reuse organizations.     
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs: A fluorescent lamp that is curved or folded to fit the space of a regular household lamp.
    • Long fluorescent tubes used in commercial lighting are not accepted.
    • Bulbs must be contained in a zip-sealed bag. This protects workers from mercury exposure should bulbs get broken during handling.