Resources for Municipal Recycling Coordinators from The Recycling Partnership

4 Mar 2019

The Recycling Partnership has a lot of great resources to help promote your recycling programs, and get information out to your communities. 

Even better, they moderate a closed Facebook group specifically for waste diversion and recycling professionals to help share resources and ideas amongst your peers. Check out their tools below!

From The Recycling Partnership:

Looking for grab and go resources for your social media pages? We’ve got ‘em.

  • Download the Social Media Kit V2, which has 52 new images and text for your pages – post once a week for a year or group them together for a concentrated impact
  • Follow us on Twitter for updates from our funding partners and to see where we’re presenting next. Bonus: tag us in your recycling posts and we’ll re-tweet you!
  • Most importantly, join The Municipal Recycling Coordinators Group – a closed Facebook group for waste diversion and recycling professionals moderated by The Recycling Partnership. This group serves as a peer network for city and county government employees to:
    • share resources and creative solutions to recycling’s biggest problems
    • ask (and answer!) questions of your peers across the country
    • support each other in your community work: we’re all in this bin together!