Procurement for operations of Metro South station

20 Nov 2018
In January 2019, Metro will begin to seek proposals for the operations of Metro South transfer station, starting in January 2020.
Metro South, a solid waste transfer station owned by Metro and located in Oregon City, is a popular facility that receives many types of materials from a variety of sources. Garbage trucks bring trash collected at homes and businesses to Metro South where it is consolidated with other waste materials. Professional haulers also bring organic materials (yard debris and food scraps) to be transferred to composting facilities.

In addition, some households and businesses “self-haul” their materials – garbage, construction debris, recyclable items and others – for recovery, reuse and disposal. Metro seeks to reclaim and reuse as many discarded items as possible before the rest is taken to landfills.

Metro will issue requests for proposals that separate the current operations contract into two distinct contracts:

  1. Traffic and Customer Management (staff required to ensure safe movement of public and private haulers on-site outside the tipping buildings); and
  2. Material Receiving, Recovery, and Transfer, which consists of all other station operations not managed by Metro (as discussed below). Firms may propose on one or both of these contracts.

Metro’s own on-site staff will include a Transfer Station Site Superintendent, scale house supervisor and staff, a maintenance technician, and hazardous waste supervisors and staff.

More information about the upcoming procurement is described in this fact sheet.