Last Day of CARTM

18 Jan 2019

From the CARTM Newsletter

As many of you know, CARTM lost its contract to operate the transfer station, effective December 31, with only 16 days notice. We spent those 16 days selling, then giving away all the donated merchandise before the facility closed.

The first two weeks of January saw heroic work by CARTM staff and volunteers removing fixtures, selling equipment, shipping all collected recyclable materials, cleaning  and clearing the site. Our entire staff is now laid off, except for our office administrator, who is closing the books and archiving 20+ years of records.
We can report some good news for North County residents: County workers will reopen the transfer station for trash and recycling on Friday, January 25. For the time being, the facility will be open Thursday through Saturday (no Sunday hours) from 10 to 4.
For more information, contact the County at 503-368-7764 or go to the Tillamook County Solid Waste website.
Note our new office phone number: 503-812-4901. (Please don't use this number for information about activities at the transfer station!)
Now, CARTM supporters have some mental gymnastics to perform. We have made a very strong connection to a place (the Manzanita Transfer Station) as "CARTM." Going forward, we need to disconnect from CARTM the place, and reconnect to CARTM the organization whose mission is to reduce waste by inspiring our community to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle. 
Stay tuned as we determine just what that looks like - together!