Introduction to the Government Recycling Demand Champion Program

3 Jul 2020

Taking action to support the recycling industry is essential - especially these days.  A new national program geared towards the public sector, the NERC-APR Government Recycling Demand Champion Program, provides a simple strategy for closing the loop by buying products with post-consumer plastic recycled content.   This is a national program and all are welcome to join the free webinar.  For more information, contact Lynn Rubinstein, Government Recycling Demand Champions program manager. 

Presenters include:

  • Ali Briggs-Ungerer, Association of Plastic Recyclers, will discuss the long-standing APR Demand Champions Program that drives the use of post-consumer plastic resin in the private sector. 
  • Lynn Rubinstein, Program Manager of the Government Recycling Demand Champion Program, will introduce this new opportunity for state, regional and local governments, schools, colleges and universities to take action to drive the value of recycling markets by buying recycled.

This is a FREE Webinar July 22, 2:00 pm eastern  ||  REGISTER HERE