DEQ Waste Prevention Campaigns Now Available

3 Dec 2017

The Department of Environmental Quality has released two new waste prevention campaigns to help local governments comply with new Waste Prevention and Reuse requirements of SB 263. These shelf-ready campaigns are now available on DEQ's website.

Make Every Thread Count is a public awareness campaign that encourages Oregonians to think differently before buying clothes, make smarter choices at the register and extend the life of their clothing. Oregonians are smart, practical consumers and this campaign shows how simple steps can greatly reduce the environmental impacts associated with clothing.

The second campaign, Wasted Food Wasted Money, is designed to help commercial generators of food save money by reducing wasted food. This includes grocers, restaurants and commercial kitchens. To reduce waste, this campaign outlines four simple steps and provides tools and resources to help businesses succeed.

Resources are available online that provide simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use these campaigns. The website also has materials that can be easily downloaded, such as cut and paste text for newsletters, social media posts, photo libraries, advertisements and more.

If you have questions about these campaigns, contact Julie Miller at or 503-229-5509.