Date labeling initiative helping to reduce food waste

4 Jan 2019

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, Washington, D.C, recently shared the results of its date labeling initiative that narrowed the array of product labels to two options: “best if used by” and “use by.” Since launching in 2017, 87 percent of products now carry the streamlined labels, according to the latest data from consumer packaged goods companies that was released in GMA’s new report, “Best If Clearly Labeled.”

“Our industry is committed to empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the products they bring into their homes,” GMA President and CEO Geoff Freeman says. “This is a proactive industry that put forward a proactive solution to give American families the confidence and trust they deserve in the goods they buy.”

After uncovering widespread consumer confusion about the array of date labels used in grocery settings in the past, GMA joined with the Food Marketing Institute, Arlington, Virginia, to bring together 25 manufacturers and grocery retailers to develop the two streamlined options.