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Resource Revival Wants Your Greasy Old Bike Chains!

12 Jan 2018

The Mosier, Oregon, company collects used bike chains from bike shops throughout the western US.

Simply put old chains in a box and call or email with the weight when the box is full (20-50 pounds is ideal).

They will send UPS to pick up the box the next day.

Resource Revival recycles tons of used bike chain every year, upcycling them into everything from keychains to picture frames to medals for bike rides and races.

City of Beaverton Announces New Hire

8 Jan 2018

Beaverton’s Sustainability & Recycling Programs welcome Caitlin Ahearn as our new Recycling Specialist.  She fills the position formerly held by Elizabeth Cole (who is now our Recycling and Waste Prevention Coordinator).

Caitlin previously worked at Washington County and the City of Gresham (through the Confluence AmeriCorps program), Oregon DEQ, and Portland Community College.