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"People are Peopley": Key Concepts for Influencing Behavior from The Recycling Partnership

25 Feb 2021

Recycling is many things. It is both a noun and a verb. To a waste professional it may be the collection and diversion of tons of marketable materials. To community members, recycling is an easy way to waste less and to contribute to the greater good. When asked about recyclables, however, most mistakenly believe that anything with the chasing arrows should go in their bin.

Coalition outlines federal government’s role in improving recycling

8 Feb 2021

The Recycling Leadership Council (RLC) hosted an online press conference Feb. 4 to introduce its “Blueprint for America’s Recycling System,” which outlines areas where the federal government can assist with strengthening the recycling system in the United States. U.S. policymakers also joined the RLC on the call.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) issued statement in response EPR legislation in nine states

5 Feb 2021

“America’s Plastic Makers are helping lead the way toward ending plastic waste by investing, innovating, and driving policies that treat used plastics as a resource for making new products. One of the reasons plastics are so widely used in packaging is that they allow us to do more with less, which inherently reduces waste and carbon emissions, an increasingly important factor as we collectively work to address climate change.

New York lawmakers introduce EPR legislation

3 Feb 2021

New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky and Assemblyman Steve Englebright have introduced S.1185A, which would require packaging producers in the state to pay for recycling.

The bill states that by shifting the responsibility from local governments to corporate producers for the end-of-life disposal of packaging and paper products, recycling in the state will increase. Under the bill, producers would be required to finance the recycling of their paper products and packaging materials but also would be rewarded for enhancing the recyclability of the items.

The Foundation for Plastic Recycling launches the Buy Recycled campaign

28 Jan 2021

Recycling helps the planet and empowers our communities. Unfortunately, many people do not fully understand what happens to their recyclables after they are put in the bin. Even fewer understand the need to purchase recycled products to complete the cycle of recycling.

This new Buy Recycled initiative seeks to change that.  

Closed Loop releases report on reusable packaging systems

25 Jan 2021

The Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners recently released a report detailing ways forward for durable reusable packaging systems that reduce the need for single-use packaging. In the report, Bringing Reusable Packaging Systems to Life, Closed Loop Partners draw on insights from multiple reusable cup pilots conducted in partnership with the NextGen Consortium and IDEO, outlining key lessons learned and sharing a blueprint and open-source resource to encourage collaboration and the growth of reuse models.

A look at President-elect Biden’s approach to environmental justice

21 Jan 2021

Correcting environmental inequities is listed as a top priority for President-elect Joe Biden. Among other measures, he has called for the establishment of EJ offices at the Department of Justice and the White House and for overhauling the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) External Civil Rights Compliance Office.

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PreZero US has partnered with ACI Plastics to recycle film and mixed rigid plastics

15 Jul 2020

PreZero US’ most recent collaboration is with processing partner ACI Plastics, headquartered in Flint, Michigan. Together, the companies plan to recycle mixed rigid plastics (MRP) and plastic film at two locations in California and South Carolina.

“PreZero US is a recycling company that is looking to develop closed-loop solutions for waste through collaboration,” says Hendrik Dullinger, vice president of business development for PreZero US.