Webinar:How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Impacted Reducing & Recovering Wasted Food

In this webinar, co-hosted by NERC & NEWMOA, presenters from ReFED and the Harvard University Food Law and Policy Clinic will share the latest ideas and information on reducing wasted food and recovering and diverting what can't be reduced.  Topics that will be covered include new tools and information from ReFED and on date labeling of food.


Ariel Maria Ardura, Clinical Fellow, Harvard University, Food Law & Policy Clinic

The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) serves partner organizations and communities by providing guidance on cutting-edge food system issues, while engaging law students in the practice of food law and policy. She will discuss policy responses have already been implemented and what other policy solutions could help.

Katy Franklin, Operations Director, ReFED

ReFED is a multi-stakeholder nonprofit, powered by an influential network of the nation’s leading business, nonprofit foundation, and government leaders committed to reducing U.S. food waste. ReFED takes a data-driven approach to move the food system from acting on instinct to insights to solve our national food waste problem. She will focus on what is happening right now in light of the pandemic and some of the ways our food system is shifting in response.


05/21/2020 - 10:00am to 11:30am
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