West Coast Climate & Materials Management Forum: Consumption Workgroup Webinar on Food Purchasing & Climate Impacts

Government food purchasers can reduce the climate impacts of their supply chains by choosing low carbon foods and stimulating demand for regenerative growing practices. In this webinar, the Forum will set the context on government purchasing of food and related climate impacts, and real-world examples will be shared by the Center for Good Food Purchasing, City of Seattle, and New York City.

EPA Webinar: Small Format Batteries: Education and Outreach

Please join the EPA from 2:00 to 4:00 PM EDT for a virtual meeting designed to share information from states, Tribes, municipal governments, associations, and industry representatives on effective public outreach and education efforts that promote the proper management of used small format consumer batteries and battery-containing electric products. We will discuss the components of campaigns including messaging, materials, and outlets/mechanisms.

WEBINAR: Rebuilding Confidence in Recycling

Recent surveys have reinforced something many of us are hearing from the public: a growing skepticism that items placed in recycling bins actually get recycled. Fed by negative media stories and confusion about the recycling process, these perceptions present a very real risk that people will stop making the effort to sort their waste. The good news is that we can reinforce public confidence of recycling through effective outreach.

WEBINAR: A Deep Dive Into Proven DEI Strategies

Today’s DEI headlines most often highlight the negatives — from poorly implemented DEI initiatives to diminished access to DEI programs to anti-DEI lawsuits. While these conversations are important, they tend to ignore the work being done every day. For example, many HR practitioners are making efforts to foster greater diversity, remove barriers to inclusion and establish equity in their workplaces.