WEBINAR: Carpet EPR: Opportunity and Impact

Please join the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) for a conversation with a carpet policy expert, an established recycler, and a local official about the opportunity and impact of carpet EPR. Recycling carpet creates jobs and achieves substantial reductions in GHG emissions. Yet, despite decades of discussions and voluntary agreements to recover carpet, only ~1 percent of carpets are recycled in the US. California is the only state whose carpet recycling rate is 30%, as a result of its extended producer responsibility program for carpet.

WEBINAR: Properly Managing E-Cigarettes & Vaping Waste Streams

This joint NEWMOA and NERC webinar will focus on proper management of waste from e-cigarettes and vaping, including any opportunities for recycling the materials. The presenters will provide an overview of these devices and their associated waste streams, whether any of the materials meet the definition of hazardous waste, what the commercial and institutional facilities that have these wastes are required to do, and what challenges are posed by these waste streams. One of the presenters will share the results of environmental inspections of vape shops and their waste streams.

WEBINAR: Measuring Economic Impacts of Reuse (Material Reuse Forum 3)

Please join the Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) for the third Forum in the Materials Reuse quarterly series, sponsored by the the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection. Forum 3 highlights the completed reuse economic studies for Fingerlakes ReUse—a reuse center in New York, the state of Minnesota, and the state of Washington. Join us in learning about the study results, data collection methods, funding sources, use of study results, and more.