Webinar: Food Waste Recycling Math: Calculating Anticipated Tonnages & Processing Capacity

States and local agencies have enacted or are considering food waste disposal bans or mandates. Two key questions that need to be answered prior to taking this step are:

  • How much food waste are we talking about?
  • Is there adequate processing capacity at our state’s or region’s composting and anaerobic digestion facilities?

Having this data helps calculate a realistic assessment of how a ban or mandate can be adopted and implemented successfully.

Food waste recycling math shows you how to answer these questions, starting with a food waste tonnage estimation methodology that is adapted to locally available source data — and data gaps. The methodology incorporates data to utilize in regional solid waste system forecasting, and transfer infrastructure needs.

Next, Food waste recycling math discusses how to calculate processing infrastructure capacity at permitted facilities, and compare that to how much of that capacity is being used to process the current quantities of food waste being diverted. Processing infrastructure assessments in two states are guiding next steps to increase compliance with their ban or mandate, and determine what types of technical and/or financial assistance may be beneficial.

01/16/2019 - 8:30am to 9:45am
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