The Recycling Partnership Webinar: Plastic Bags, Wrap and Film - Oh My!



Plastic film is increasingly showing up in our recycling stream and is impossible to avoid. It’s being hailed as the top contaminant for recycling programs across the country, and costing MRFs time, money and energy to cut out of their machines. So how should we educate residents about these hard to recycle plastics? When plastic bags are taken back to the store for recycling, where do they go? And, does anyone actually do this?
Tune in to our July webinar on July 24 at Noon (ET) to:

  • Discuss how to communicate to your residents about plastic film
  • Get the scoop on the current status and emerging trends related to film and flexible packaging
  • Hear about The Partnership’s new Film and Flexibles Task Force, and what it means for your program

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07/30/2019 - 9:00am to 10:00am
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