Recycled Content Mandates: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This webinar is co-sponsored by the Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association (NEWMOA), Northeast Recycling Council (NERC), and West Coast Climate and Materials Management Forum.

Recycled content mandates are growing in popularity as a policy mechanism to engage producers in responsibility for recycling markets, sharing in the costs of a functioning recycling system, and reducing climate change impacts. But not all recycled content mandates are the same, and some have the potential for unintended consequences.

This webinar will take a closer look at:

  • The state of California’s experience with several, very different recycled content mandates
  • Whether or how mandates might support, or conflict with, broader extended producer responsibility policies
  • Potential economic and environmental limitations of recycled content mandates, and some possible solutions


  • Mark Murray, Executive Director, Californians Against Waste
  • Steve Alexander, President and CEO, Association of Plastics Recyclers
  • David Allaway, Senior Policy Analyst, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality


01/06/2022 - 9:30am to 11:00am
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