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Northwest Environmental Conference & Tradeshow

The conference for today’s environmental, operations, and sustainability professionals. Featuring the Northwest's largest environmental trade show

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Build Small Live Large Summit 2015

The size of your home has tremendous influence on your cost of living, environmental impact, and general well-being. That’s why leading designers, builders, policy makers and community members will gather to share what’s working, what’s new, and what’s next in the movement toward downsizing your dwellings. Learn how to build and rent out a backyard apartment, see successful examples of cottage clusters and small house communities, and be inspired by energy and space-efficient designs.

GLEAN Exhibition

Five artists are excited to share the results of five months of transfer station inquiry at the GLEAN 2015 Exhibition featuring reinterpreted old fire hoses, automobile belts, underground conduit tubes, rusted steel panels, construction lathe, vintage fabrics, and many other curious materials.

The opening reception is Friday, August 14, 6pm-9pm.

Emerging Green 2015: Electronics in a Circular Economy

In cooperation with leading global conferences, North America's Emerging Green Conference - hosted by the Green Electronics Council -  is the premiere gathering of technology leaders to discuss the advances, challenges and future of sustainable electronics. Emerging Green is the best place in 2015 to meet, mingle with and influence leaders in the global electronics industry.