Roadmap to a Circular Economy - How Do We Get There?

1 Nov 2019

Last week, The Recycling Partnership released the Bridge to Circularity Report, calling for a $500 million-dollar investment to start the needed transformation of the U.S. recycling system.
The report shows that the U.S. recycling system is unable to deliver on these commitments in its current form, and it recommends three concrete areas of action to make progress:

  1. Pathway to Recyclability – initiate a more granular process detailing how to move a package from technically recyclable to commonly accepted for recycling
  2. Unlocking Supply – launch an industry-wide $250 million residential recycling intervention to capture more than 340 million pounds of post-consumer recycled plastic and other packaging materials
  3. Recycling 2.0 – call for $250 million over five years to use as an innovation fund to design and implement the recycling system of the future

So, what does this mean for you as a community partner? We’re calling on the industry to unlock more capital so that you can unlock more, better recyclables in your community.
Want to learn more? Watch the video, download the report, or read the FAQs.